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” Your videos are very entertaining and at the same time educational. My Students love your materials. They rock!” – Robert Hamilton

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Our Family Life & Relationships programs cover topics such as social boundaries, sexuality, health care and abuse prevention.

Our Circles® curriculum has been extremely successful in teaching students about levels of intimacy and appropriate contact with all of the people they encounter. Currently used in over 10,000 facilities nationwide, Circles teaches social boundaries, relationship boundaries and relationship specific behaviors using a multi-layer circle diagram to demonstrate different relationship levels.

Life Horizons® teaches the physiological, emotional, moral and legal aspects of sexuality. The program also focuses on attitudes and behaviors that promote good interpersonal relationships and responsible sexual behavior. It is the most widely used family life education program for individuals with developmental and learning disabilities.

LifeFacts® is a 6-part course of study for individuals with special needs on topics relevant to living life more fully, safely and healthfully. Programs in the LifeFacts series include Abuse Prevention, SmartTrust, Managing Emotions, Sexuality, Substance Abuse and Injury/Illness.

There are additional programs that address puberty and everything that comes with physical maturation. These programs cover everything from menstrual self-care to abuse prevention strategies for children, adolescents, and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

*Note: Sexually explicit materials can be edited to meet the requirements of student needs and community taste.

Family Life & Relationships is composed of (4) Programs:

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