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“Excellent teaching materials!” – Jane Eaton, Teacher

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The programs in this category cover a wide range of important family life issues.

Puberty, sexual abuse prevention, and sexuality for those with severe developmental disabilities are all included here.The GYN Exam is an ideal way to introduce the gynecologic or pelvic examination to your special needs students.Sexuality Education for Persons With Severe Developmental Disabilities (SEPSDD) contains 7 programs with over 300 slides and is the perfect supplement to Life Horizons.  Changes In You is a comprehensive family life/puberty education program for 4th-9th graders with special needs and is an ideal “readiness” program for Life Horizons and LifeFacts. Janet’s Got Her Period provides training in menstrual self-care for girls and young women with severe developmental disabilities. This program is an all-inclusive tool for teachers and an indispensible aid for parents and caregivers.  No-Go-Tell is a protection program for children with special needs ages 3-7. This unique program was developed and tested by experts in the field and is specifically designed for children with disabilities. Child Sexual Abuse was developed by experts and uses a gentle approach to help children protect themselves. The Sexual Abuse Interview is useful for teachers in developing meaningful sexual abuse prevention IEP’s and for counselors during the therapeutic process.  Read below for more information about these Family life education programs.

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