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“I like the way anger is approached from 3 angles: Fair, Unfair, and Dangerous! I have never before come across material that covers it in this way. It is essential to teach children what to do if anger is directed at them.” Judy Lancaster

Teach students Conflict Resolution by showing them how to effectively respond to anger that is being directed towards them by using this simple plan. Don’t be HOT, Don’t be COLD, BeCool

Dealing with angry individuals is a highly challenging task for most people. If not handled effectively, angry behavior can cause emotional and physical damage to those exposed to it. Angry actions can elicit extreme reactions from others, ranging from social withdrawal to aggression. Managed well, anger can lead to positive changes in behavior, and to solutions to difficult interpersonal problems. This module demonstrates methods which children can use to effectively cope with another persons angry behavior.

BeCool teaches students about the three basic ways we respond to anger: Aggressively (HOT), Passively (COLD) or Assertively (COOL). In each of the video scenarios, children are challenged by a difficult person or situation. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: Giving Up (COLD), Blowing Up (HOT) or Staying in Control (COOL).

This module teaches students how to effectively respond to anger that is coming from someone else and is directed at them. Your students will see how Phil copes with Ted’s anger when he accidentally trips him. They’ll see Amanda dealing with her sister’s anger when she interrupts her favorite TV show. Students will learn from Rachel how to recognize when another person’s anger might be dangerous. Students learn the drawbacks of reacting to anger with a COLD (Passive) or HOT (Aggressive) response and how to effectively resolve conflicts with the BeCOOL (Assertive) 4-Step Plan.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.



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