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“Very effective program for teaching alternatives to reacting to anger.” –Teresa May, Teacher

Teach your students Conflict Resolution with the latest self-talk strategies to rationally manage anger, frustration and rejection.

Module 2 continues to focus on the area of disrespect and teaches students how to use the cognitive processes of imagining consequences and rational self-talk to manage their feelings and behavior, especially angry feelings and destructive behavior related to experiencing disrespect from others.

In each vignette, the protagonist is presented with a potentially provocative person or situation that could result in our hero losing it. Before doing anything, our leading character takes a moment to imagine what losing might look like and how it could lead to doing something regrettable.  Since Losing It always leads to doing something unfavorable, our hero decides it’s better to be smart and talk him/herself out of it by modeling the use of BeCool Self-Talk.

In the first story, Charlie almost lets himself be talked into helping some more popular students cheat on their homework. This is the result of his unrealistic appraisal of his own ability to attract friends. His head is filled with irrational and negative self-talk that supports his giving into the extortion. Then, instead of losing it, Charlie uses rational self-talk to gain control of his thoughts. Upon feeling calm, contained and under control of himself, he is able to get a better view of the problem. He gains a new perspective. In the second vignette, after allowing her mind and her thoughts to be unnecessarily influenced by peer pressure, Morganne uses BeCool self-talk strategies to neutralize her friends’ coercion to drink alcohol. In addition to modeling good refusal skills, Morganne models self-talk skills related to self-control and self-respect.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.



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