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“The students responded well to the videos and discussion.” – Maureen Hoey, Teacher/Administrator

Your students will learn Conflict Resolution skills and see the negatives of insolence and how authority figures can be properly approached…and persuaded to compromise.

Like module 3, module 4 teaches techniques of negotiating successfully with authority figures.  The teaching examples presented in this module, however, are with authority figures that are not family members (those with a vested interest) and who, by the nature of their position, have a great deal of influence–the teacher and the police officer.

The major components of the negotiation process are presented in a series of video scenarios in which one character tries to reach agreement with another using three different negotiation approaches—a “HOT” (aggressive) style, a COLD (passive) style, and a “COOL” Give & Take style. The negative consequences of the manipulative HOT and self-defeating COLD approaches are then illustrated, along with the positive consequences of the mutually respectful COOL Give & Take approach.  The COOL Give & Take approach is outlined in three easy steps: Gather Intelligence, Set the Mood, and Make a W.I.S.E. agreement.

In this module your students will learn the negative outcome of insolence and how to negotiate a grade change and how to negotiate with the police. Trying to earn a grade change won’t always result in success but it’s worth a try. Students often feel unfairly treated by teachers. Your students will see how authority figures can be approached and persuaded to compromise. Jill tries to negotiate a grade change with a tough teacher. Her unsuccessful attempts are first COLD (whining and pleading) and then HOT (insolent and demanding). Finally, her COOL negotiation style considers the deal and the relationship. Next, students will learn that it is important to know how to negotiate with the police and others in authority. This is tricky but possible. Your students will watch as Luke and Billy are stopped for curfew violation. They illustrate the negative result of taking COLD and HOT approaches. There are always negative consequences of being uncooperative with a authority. Positive results are more likely with a cooperative win-win approach.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.



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