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“The heart of violence prevention is teaching alternatives to the use of demands and threats as a means of getting what we want. This program does just that!” -Susan Simpson, Principal

Your students will learn Conflict Resolution and that there are COOLER ways to settle a dispute than using intimidation.

While Module 1 of the BeCool: Give & Take Series illustrates techniques to settle differences with peers, Module 2 focuses on resolving conflicts with peers. Although the BeCool Negotiation Plan is used in the resolution of both differences and conflicts, there are subtle differences in the way the plan is delivered or implemented. Conflicts are really differences that have become personal and, as such, need to be negotiated with more emotional self-control and interpersonal finesse!

The major components of the negotiation process are presented in a series of video scenarios in which one character tries to reach agreement with another using three different negotiation approaches—a “HOT” (aggressive) style, a COLD (passive) style, and a “COOL” Give & Take style. The negative consequences of the manipulative HOT and self-defeating COLD approaches are then illustrated, along with the positive consequences of the mutually respectful COOL Give & Take approach.  The COOL Give & Take approach is outlined in three easy steps: Gather Intelligence, Set the Mood, and Make a W.I.S.E. agreement.

In this module, your students will learn how to negotiate a truce, as well as fair compensation. Often, negotiating an agreement to end a dispute or ongoing fight is best done with the help of an impartial, but trusted, third party. Your students will see how Jennifer uses a mutual friend to negotiate an end to a vicious rumor war she is having with Trish. In the second vignette, they’ll see that when two friends are involved in a negotiation, one sometimes succumbs to emotional blackmail—not good when you’re interested in a long-term relationship. Your students will watch Johnny try to use emotional blackmail to avoid paying for a friend’s bike that he lost. Eventually, after trying unsuccessfully to dodge responsibility for losing the bike, the pair calmly negotiates fair compensation. Your students will be able to use these valuable skills throughout their lifetimes!

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.



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