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“Fantastic for student interest and results.” -D. Weaver, Counselor

Teach your students Conflict Resolution by showing them how to avoid turning a problem they CAN handle into one they CAN’T.

Learning to recognize, accept and control one’s own anger is a complex process. Frustration over acquiring new skills and broken agreements are some common triggers for experiencing anger from within. When feeling angry, dealing with it appropriately is a difficult, challenging task. If not handled effectively, angry behavior can cause emotional and physical damage to those it is directed against, and embarrassment and guilt to the individual acting out Angry actions can elicit extreme reactions from others, ranging from social withdrawal to aggression. Learning to direct one’s anger can be useful in finding solutions to difficult interpersonal problems. This module demonstrates methods, including the simple 4-Step Plan, which adolescents can use to effectively cope with their own anger.

BeCool teaches students about the three basic ways we respond to anger: Aggressively (HOT), Passively (COLD) or Assertively (COOL). In each of the video scenarios, children are challenged by a difficult person or situation. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: Giving Up (COLD), Blowing Up (HOT) or Staying in Control (COOL).

Students are taught how to assertively act on angry feelings they have towards others by using the BeCOOL 4-Step Plan. Students will see how the COLD withdrawn response to anger results in powerlessness and how the HOT aggressive response can turn a problem they can handle into one they can’t. They will observe how Nikki uses the 4- Step Plan to express her feelings to Lauren, who flakes out on her one too many times.

The BeCool paradigm is research based and truly works.



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