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“These are great! The kids just love Chester and can relate to him. I work with 3rd-5th grade high functioning autism students.” -Kelly Kautz, Teacher

Teach your students conflict resolution and the three choices they have in responding to teasing… HOT, COLD, and COOL!

For children in kindergarten through second grade, teasing can be an everyday occurrence. At the very least it can be a headache for teachers and counselors, but for children the consequences can be far worse. If not managed effectively, teasing may result in aggressive behavior, social withdrawal, and loss of self-esteem. Handled well, teasing can be a minor annoyance, which is easily stopped. This module presents four effective ways in which children can cope with teasing: Ignore It, Laugh It Off, Change The Subject, and Ask The Teaser To Stop.

BeCool teaches students about the three basic ways we respond to teasing: Aggressively (HOT), Passively (COLD) or Assertively (COOL). In each of the video scenarios, children are challenged by a difficult person or situation. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: Giving Up (COLD), Blowing Up (HOT) or Staying in Control (COOL).

In the Coping with Teasing module your students will see how Taylor, Dominic and Amy handle teasing from their friends in a COOL and assertive manner. They will also learn that teasing usually gets worse with a HOT or COLD response. Learning and practicing a COOL and assertive approach for dealing with teasing in the early grades will benefit students in the long run.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.



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