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“I love your products and managed to purchase several. My students really enjoy them and seem to learn a lot.” –Frances J. Harms, Teacher

Teach your students Conflict Resolution: Don’t be HOT and blow up, Don’t be COLD and give up… BeCool and in control!

With this program you will help your students deal with teasing, one of the most common problems among adolescents and young adults. Teasing can be especially difficult for students with special needs. If not managed effectively, teasing can result in aggressive behavior, social withdrawal and loss of self-esteem.

BeCool teaches students about the three basic ways we respond to teasing: Aggressively (HOT), Passively (COLD) or Assertively (COOL). In each of the video scenarios, children are challenged by a difficult person or situation. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: Giving Up (COLD), Blowing Up (HOT) or Staying in Control (COOL).

This module helps students understand teasing and why people tease. They will learn to distinguish friendly from hurtful teasing and how to deal with it using a variety of COOL responses rather than with old behaviors such as withdrawal or aggression. The reactions modeled in this program are ignoring it/laughing it off, changing the subject or asking the teaser to stop. The vignettes model exactly how to carry out each of the suggested techniques and demonstrate under what conditions each one would be appropriate. This module will truly engage you and your students.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.


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    Connor Reigel

    Don’t Be Hot And Blow Up. Don’t Be Cold And Give Up. Be Cool And In Control.

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