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“I have been using Circles 2 for several months with a wide range of different special education students. The humor is grand, and its teaching points work so well.” – Lynne Muccigrosso, National Consultant

Teach your students about social boundaries and how to apply the rules of social intimacy in more complex settings.

Circles: Intimacy & Relationships – Level 2 from James Stanfield Company on Vimeo.

Many teachers currently using Circles Social Boundaries: Intimacy & Relationships have requested a second step follow-up program that would illustrate the application of the Circles™ Rules of Social Intimacy in more complex social settings. This is it. Level 2 is a perfect second step program for students with moderate to mild cognitive challenges and can be used as a stand-alone introduction for higher functioning students. Because it uses a reality-show format, Circles Level 2 is ideal for illustrating more subtle applications of the Circles Rules of Social Distance. All segments of this program use the Circle Paradigm, but with greater attention to its more subtle application, within the context of establishing relationships, developing discretion and recognizing change.

New Content of Circles Level 2

• Alternative Intimacy Level Signs

• Circle Jumping: when it‘s OK and when it’s not

• Reversal of Intimacy Level

• Rejecting Intimacy and Having Intimacy Rejected

• Relationship Dissolution

• And more!

Part 1: Social Distance- Expanded

This vignette uses live action reality stories to review the Circles concept and introduce the new and subtler concept of degrees of intimacy within the same circle. This allows more degrees of variation within each relationship circle and can more accurately express the differences in similar relationships. Touch, talk and trust are the three social boundaries that are evaluated and applied to each relationship. Straddling boundaries can be visually represented by using the transparent icons and illustrating that touch, talk and trust may vary at different rates, and may vary temporarily or permanently, depending upon circumstance and the person.


Part 2: Relationships Transitions

This vignette uses live action reality stories to review the dynamic and ever changing nature of relationships and introduce the new and subtle signals expressed by touch, talk and/or trust that indicate change in a relationship that may or may not be mutual. These signals may indicate circle jumping, reversal of intimacy levels, and rejection of intimacy or relationship dissolution. Recognizing the signals of change and developing strategies for social success and self-protection are addressed in these stories.



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