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“I have found the Circles program to be extremely beneficial to my students. The language is used across the school to ensure all students understand the shared philosophy around personal safety.” -Julie Jameson, Teacher/Counselor

With this Circles Level 1 & 2 bundle, you’ll provide your students with the most advanced materials available to teach sexual & social boundaries to people with developmental disabilities.

Circles Level 1

Part 1: Social Distance

Help your students “see “social boundaries. Explain the relationship between the level of intimacy between people and the way they TOUCH, TALK to, and TRUST each other. You’ll teach your students relationship boundaries and relationship-specific behaviors. For example, it’s okay to hug your mother, but it’s not okay to hug the mail carrier. 70 min

Part 2: Relationship Building

Demonstrate how intimacy levels change as relationships change. Emphasize the role of mutual choice among individuals when deciding what level of intimacy will characterize a relationship. The connection between the kind of relationship and the corresponding level of intimacy is demonstrated visually, making learning this important content area easy for students. 37mins

Circles Level 2

Many teachers currently using Circles Social Boundaries: Intimacy & Relationships have requested a second step follow-up program that would illustrate the application of the Circles™ Rules of Social Intimacy in more complex social settings. This is it.

Versatile Reality-Based Format Appeals to a Broader Audience

Because it uses a reality-show format, Circles Level 2 is ideal for illustrating more subtle applications of the Circles Rules of Social Distance. Level 2 is an ideal second step program for students with moderate to mild cognitive challenges and can be used as a stand-alone introduction for higher functioning students.

Level 2 Second-Step Content includes:

• Alternative Intimacy Level Signs

•  Circle Jumping: when it‘s OK and when it’s not

•  Reversal of Intimacy Level

• Rejecting Intimacy and Having Intimacy Rejected

• Relationship Dissolution

• and more!

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