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“The Stanfield Company produces high-quality products…an agency could develop a comprehensive training program just from their materials. The curriculum also provides several detailed activities, including role-playing. These programs provide most of the necessary training for a person to be prepared for a job.” -Bart Trench, Workshops, Inc.

Buy the complete James Stanfield Job Skills Library and save an additional $1,200!

This bundle includes everything you need to equip students with the necessary work skills for job success. You will find out their strengths and weaknesses with the assessment tests, and teach them, with our VideoModeling DVD’s, what social skills and habits will lead to long-term employment and job satisfaction. The work skills your students will learn not only will help them on the job, but also in life. How you carry yourself at work greatly impacts how you carry yourself in the outside world. If your students apply the life skills that they learn from these work skills there isn’t anything they can’t accomplish! With this bundle your students will get everything the James Stanfield Company has to offer! Don’t waste time trying to decide what work skills should be taught in the classroom, let us do the work for you and help your kids succeed!

This comprehensive Job Training Library includes:

First Job Survival Skills Library

Unit 1: Surviving the First 90 Days

Unit 2: Achieving Permanent Status

Unit 3: Surviving Delusions of Grandeur

JobSmart 1 & 2

JobSmart 1: Avoiding Trouble on the Job

JobSmart 2: Job Safety & Behaviors Related to Promotion

Transitions Curriculum

Volume 1: Personal Management

Volume 2: Career Management

Volume 3: Life Management

Work Assessment Skills

SSP: Job-Related Social Skill Performance Assessment Tool

TICE: Test of Interpersonal Competence for Employment

CBSP: Community-Based Social Skill Performance Assessment Tool


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