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Here’s what you get when you buy the complete Job Related Social Skills Library! Save $600 over the individual programs if bought separately.

This bundle includes everything you need to provide your students with the work related skills essential for job success. With VideoModeling, our programs will teach your students the skills and habits necessary to both survive the first 90 days on the job and progress to long-term employment. Don’t waste time devising your own workplace social skills program; our experts have done the hard work for you! The results are these Proven Effective programs to help your students succeed.

First Job Survival Skills Library

Unit 1: Surviving the First 90 Days
Unit 2: Achieving Permanent Status
Unit 3: Surviving Delusions of Grandeur

JobSmart 1 & 2

JobSmart 1: Avoiding Trouble on the Job
JobSmart 2: Job Safety & Behaviors Related to Promotion

Transitions Curriculum, 3rd Edition

Volume 1: Personal Management
Volume 2: Career Management
Volume 3: Life Management

Work Assessment Tools

SSP: Job-Related Social Skill Performance Assessment Tool
TICE: Test of Interpersonal Competence for Employment
CBSP: Community-Based Social Skill Performance Assessment Tool



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