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“BeCool is a benchmark program in teaching kids how to stay in control of their feelings during conflict or frustrating situations. BeCool should be in every media library. I can’t recommend it too highly!” – Christy Reinhold, California Counselor of the Year

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BeCool Conflict Resolution: The Cool Way to Respond to Conflict. Field-Tested and Proven Effective!

BeCOOL from James Stanfield Company on Vimeo.

Emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth and can be more important to social success and individual happiness than IQ.  BeCool is the first program developed specifically to nourish the key elements of “Emotional Intelligence”: Impulse Control, Empathy and Self-Awareness.  Within the context of teaching how to be assertive, BeCool teaches kids specific reflective thinking techniques to promote self-control, stop bullying and interrupt the tendency to impulsively act out.  In the process of imagining the pros and cons of behaving HOT, COLD, or COOL and using optimistic self-talk, students become more self-aware and empathic to the feelings of others.

The BeCool Series teaching paradigm is based on Assertion Training. Your students will watch as their video peers hesitate and then model three different ways to respond to conflict: 1. Blowing up (HOT); 2. Giving up (COLD); 3. In Control (COOL). The negative consequences of the victim-like/passive response and the hot-head/aggressive response are then contrasted against positive outcomes of the assertive/COOL response.

Unique Teaching Icons are used to symbolize the aggressive/HOT response, the passive/ COLD response, and the assertive/COOL response. Each time a particular response is illustrated, it is paired with the icon that symbolizes that response. Fire is used to symbolize the HOT response, ice is used to symbolize the COLD response and calm white clouds are used for the COOL response. In time, students are able to recall the feeling tone of the HOT, COLD and COOL response by recalling the icon itself. These icons are especially helpful for students with cognitive disabilities. These students may be unable to verbalize behaviors associated with acting “COOL,” but quite capable of recalling the “clouds” icon of the COOL response and the calm tone associated with it and act accordingly.

Each age-level series comes with individual modules, complete with a minimum of three DVD’s and a comprehensive teacher’s guide, to teach coping skills in different problem areas.

The BeCool Paradigm is research based and truly works.

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    With the help of Chester the Cat and his real life friends, students will learn how to avoid “HOT” and “COLD” reactions to criticism, teasing, bullying and anger.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s a good thing!

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