The LifeSmart Curriculum

LifeSmart® is THE virtual
encyclopedia of life skills!

–Barbara Klaus, Transitions Teacher

Teach your students the TOP 300 SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL SKILLS in 5 areas crucial to life adjustment!

Experts have identified transitional skills that are the most critical to cope with the demands of every day life, and we have created a curriculum for it!

Our ground-breaking LifeSmart® curriculum is a “LIFE 101” crash course that:

  • Features VideoModeling® so your students don’t have to learn the hard way!
  • Teaches “make or break” behaviors related to social success
  • Teaches emotional & social intelligence
  • Uses a unique “Not Smart-Lifesmart” teaching model
  • Teaches over 300 social skills essential for a successful transition to adulthood
  • And teaches students empathy, self-awareness, and self-control
  • And more! 
How to:

  • Meet people
  • Turn an acquaintance into a friend
  • Develop long term friendships and relationships
  • Distinguish friendliness for friendship
  • Avoid getting into trouble with strangers
  • Interact with the opposite sex
  • Avoid being taken advantage of
  • And more!
How to:

  • Avoid being unemployed
  • Handle irritating co-workers
  • Avoid irritating your boss
  • Be respected and appreciated
  • Work your way up towards a promotion
  • Avoid getting hurt while on the job
  • Avoid getting fired
  • And more!
How to:

  • Be safe at home
  • Be safe as a pedestrian
  • Use fire department resources
  • Contact & interact with policemen & community helpers
  • Access free health care
  • Get help from the pharmacy
  • Avoid the hazards of daily life
  • And more!


How to:

  • Avoid compulsive shopping
  • Avoid being a spendthrift
  • Be a savvy shopper
  • Be safe while shopping
  • Avoid being scammed
  • Avoid blowing your budget
  • Counter classic sale pitches
  • Manage your money & handle your finances
  • And more!

How to:

  • Remain and practice abstinence
  • Protect and maintain your boundaries
  • Girls can avoid getting into trouble
  • Guys can avoid getting into trouble
  • Understand the opposite sex
  • Avoid exploitation and victimization
  • Use clear communication
  • And more!

The exaggerated humor of LifeSmart® really keeps the student’s attention! We have found that the products consistently work.

–Jane Petuchovas, LifeSkills Instructor

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