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LifeSmart Teaches 300 “make or break” social skills the experts consider essential for successful transition to independence and adulthood.

LifeSmart will show your students how to be socially successful with friends, coworkers, the boss, and other people with whom it’s important to have a good relationship. They will also learn how to develop realistic expectations in relationships and avoid being exploited or disappointed by people who might try to take advantage of them.

The LifeSmart curriculum uses the unique “Not Smart or LifeSmart” teaching model. This teaching model is particularly useful for social skills training because social success is often as much the result of not doing something as it is doing something. For example, not touching inappropriately, not staring and not being gullible to a high-pressure salesperson are all examples of being socially “LifeSmart”. By observing the consequences of other people’s mistakes and vicariously learning from them, students can avoid much of the pain of social rejection that often accompanies in-your-face experiential learning. The complete LifeSmart video curriculum concentrates on five major categories of life skills: workforce behaviors, relationships, dating and intimacy, personal finances, and personal safety.

With the LifeSmart Curriculum your students will learn essential social skills related to being: PeopleSmart, JobSmart, DateSmart, MoneySmart and SafetySmart!

15+ Hours – 30 DVDS – 300 “Make or Break” Skills – 10 Teacher’s Guides

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