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About the James Stanfield Company, Inc.

“The Specialists in Special Education and Transitions Readiness Training”

For over 40 years the James Stanfield Company has been producing award-winning programs to promote Social Competence and Transition Readiness in students with cognitive, learning and/or behavioral disabilities. Its President, Dr. James Stanfield, is a nationally recognized authority in Special Education and Instructional Design.  He’s been a classroom teacher, directed federally funded research programs and was a Professor of Special Education before starting his own organization.  In other words, unlike the vast majority of other educational publishers, Dr. Stanfield has been there. He knows how children learn and what teachers need to teach them.

The Stanfield Library currently includes Over 60 RESEARCH-BASED Video DVD programs to teach:


We Teach Social Skills With VideoModeling – Vicarious Social Skills Learning

Students Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way

Research in Social Psychology has firmly established that most social skills can be and are learned “vicariously.” In other words, social skills don’t have to be learned the hard way, through trial and error. We can also learn by watching the social mistakes of others. We can learn what’s acceptable behavior and what is not by observing the consequences of someone else’s social behavior. We learn what is appropriate social behavior by observing what behavior beings a reward. We learn what is inappropriate social behavior by observing what social behaviors bring punishment.

We developed the VideoModeling social learning system to enable “vicarious” social skill training to occur “on demand” within a classroom setting.

Developed by James Stanfield Ed.D., “VideoModeling” refers to the use of professional actors to “model” appropriate and inappropriate responses to common interpersonal, social and work situations. The performances of the VideoModels, as well as, the positive or negative reactions of supporting players are highly scripted and edited to promote “vicarious” social skill learning to occur. The research-based, “VideoModeling” has become the cornerstone of social skills instruction in thousands of schools worldwide.


Widely in use throughout the US and Canada

Stanfield products are currently being used in hundreds of districts and thousands of schools in the US and Canada. The company’s BeCool series is the most highly acclaimed and widely used conflict management program in America!



The company is the recipient of many professional awards including:

  • Academy Award – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Numerous Festival Awards, Informational Film Producers of America, New York International Documentary Film Festival
  • The 2010 Communicator Award.

The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) presented The James Stanfield Company with the 1st Annual Award For Development of Socio-Sexual Training Materials for People with Disabilities.

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