Transitions Curriculum- Proven Effective

Teach your students how to
Get a Plan, Get a Job, and Get a Life!

Your transitions curriculum provides our special needs students of all levels with real life school to work information. We refer to your program as life 101!

–Barbara Klaus, Transitions Teacher.

3 Volumes: Get a Plan, Get a Job, and Get a Life

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Why teachers are choosing the Transitions Curriculum® over all others:

1. The Latest and Most Up-To-Date Transitions Curriculum available!

2. The Only PROVEN EFFECTIVE Transitions Curriculum from two of the nation’s leading authorities

3. Teaches Common Core AND SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Objectives that are essential for life success.

4. Teacher Friendly! With 300 easy to follow teacher developed sequenced lessons and over 600 Student Journal Worksheets PLUS an Assessment Unit every 5 lessons.5. Uses SCANS Indexed Work Readiness Objectives,so you know they’re relevant!6. Enables Tracking and Planning for IDEA Mandated Summary of Performance (SoP) Reporting.

Volume 1:

Personal Management

Free lesson plan!

• Summary of Performance
• Decision-making strategies
• Anger management skills
• Realistic appraisal of assets
• Career choices
• Compensating for disabilities
• Continuing education

Volume 2:

Career Management

Free lesson plan!

• Effective Communication Skills
• How to conduct a job search
• Resume & application guide
• Interview tactics and tips
• Job etiquette
• Avoid common job mistakes
• Employee rights
• Dealing with rejection

Volume 3:

Life Management

Free lesson plan!

• Good health habits
• How to budget & save
• Living and housing tips
• How to manage leisure time
• Citizenship skills
• Social & communication skills
• Safety basics
• Basic baby care
• How to handle a crisis


Why Stanfield incorporates SEL (Social and emotional learning) in the Transitions Curriculum®?

Educational research shows that true career readiness depends on more than just a student’s ability to complete tests and classroom assignments. There is a clear connection between academic skills, social and emotional growth, and success in the real world. The Stanfield Transitions Curriculum equips teachers with the resources to integrate SEL into their classrooms. These resources help students manage emotions and nurture positive relationships; most importantly they set a foundation for success in the post-school world.