Date Smart Tools for Special Education

Teach students how to set dating boundaries, say no, remain abstinent, use clear communication & avoid sexual harassment.

In DateSmart, students discover the most important behaviors related to dating. Students are challenged to make wise choices in potentially difficult and/or awkward situations. They are asked to consider and question their own dating standards, as well as to examine their values about love and sex. Your students will also learn the NotSmart and DateSmart ways to support the choice for abstinence, to set sexual boundaries, to control their emotions, and avoid impulsive reactions in intimate situations. 

Part 1: Abstinence & Saying No

Your students will learn how to assertively, but not hurtfully, counter common seduction techniques. The “I’ll PASS” refusal model is introduced.

Part 2: How to practice Abstinence

Abstinence conflicts and choices are clearly illustrated, along with a second illustration of the delivery of the “I’ll PASS” refusal model.

Part 3: How to Protect your Boundaries

Students will learn how to establish and maintain appropriate intimacy boundaries.

Part 4: How Girls Can Avoid Getting into Trouble

Female students will see what they can do to avoid the possibility of exploitation. Note: It’s never a girl’s fault if she is victimized; however, women can take precautions.

Part 5: How Guys can Avoid Getting Into Trouble

Male students will learn to avoid the ways guys get into trouble, from dating a minor to getting a girl pregnant. They’ll learn how hard the law can be when you don’t listen to “No.”

Part 6: Understanding the Opposite Sex

In this segment, students will learn that women and men really do think differently about intimacy and relationships.


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I am the school nurse and I use DateSmart for High school family life education. It meets abstinence criteria and is concrete enough for students to relate to and apply.They find it entertaining as well.– Donna Crawforrd


 Find out more about National TEEN Dating Abuse Awareness month from the What Is Love organization here!