Vital Work Skills and Life Skills Training for your Special Needs Students

At James Stanfield Company, our JobSmart program introduces a new practical approach to teaching basic work-related social skills and life skills. Although this program was originally designed for students with mild to moderate learning, emotional, and cognitive disabilities, JobSmart is quite appropriate for any population in need of a quick, comprehensive review of social skills and life skills related to job success.

Our JobSmart program organizes essential work skills into a small group of the most important behaviors. Experts have found that a small group of the most critical behaviors or skills in any hierarchical grouping are usually all that need to be mastered for someone to be considered smart or competent, even in a special education setting. JobSmart will teach your students what experts consider the most important WORK “do’s and don’ts.” In each program, students discover the most important behaviors related to not finding a job, and are shown the professional behaviors needed in the workplace.  These behaviors are presented in two modules with 6 stand-alone video segments.

Part 1: How To Avoid Staying Unemployed

Your students will see the top 10 things people do, or don’t do, that keep them unemployed…and what to do instead.

Part 2: How To Avoid Irritating Your Co-Workers

This section demonstrates what is irritating to co-workers. Humor makes this topic crystal clear.

Part 3: How To Avoid Irritating Your Boss

The Stanfield Comedy Players have a field day with this topic, illustrating the top 10 ways employees irritate the boss and what to do instead.

Part 4: How To Get A Promotion

Your students will learn the top 10 things they can to do to be considered for a promotion and that even with strong social work skills, a bad attitude will be noticed.

Part 5: How To Avoid Getting Fired

Some things can get you fired on the spot! Common reasons for immediate termination are illustrated here as well as how to avoid them.

Part 6: How To Avoid Getting Hurt

The Stanfield Comedy players illustrate common ways employees injure themselves on the job, and what to do avoid them.

Also included in our JobSmart program are 2 Teacher’s Guides, with various lesson plans and activities for you and your special needs students. These act as great additional resources for work skills and life skills training. Our JobSmart program is meant to not only act as a guide for social work skills, but to also emphasize vital life skills needed as students transition into different career paths throughout their lives.


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To order your copy of JobSmart today, click here! For more life skills training and resources, view our LifeSmart Curriculum library.




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