The Transitions Curriculum Supports the Workforce Investment Act!

Senator Tom Harkin is leading the way to pass the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to improve services to young people with disabilities while they are still in school and as they enter the workforce. Senator Harkins believes, “For jobseekers and workers, a reauthorized bill means access to the training and employment services they need to find good jobs … job training, adult education, employment services, and vocational rehabilitation.” This bill will provide a new definition of pre-employment transition services giving students with disabilities the support they need to become ready for competitive employment.

Title V of WIA reauthorizes the Rehabilitation Act, including vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs. The updates to Title V are aimed at making sure that young people with disabilities have increased preparation and opportunities for competitive, integrated employment. The bill requires state and local vocational and educational agencies to make “pre-employment transition services” available to students with disabilities.

The content of The Transitions Curriculum directly supports pre-employment skills through three volumes of lessons organized around “Personal Management, Career Management and Life Management.

Transitions lessons provide access to pre-employment skills and services that provide high school students the opportunity to develop a plan, choose a career and begin a productive life. These lessons infuse academic skills while providing a safe and motivating environment for students to increase their self-esteem and social relationships. In addition, these lessons build problem solving and decision making skills giving students a foundation for making realistic decisions about careers.

The Transitions Curriculum joins Senator Tom Harkins and 52 others in congress in their quest to provide young people the resources and services they need for a productive career and successful adult life.


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