Common Core Standards and Transition to Career

The CCS Anchor Standards define the necessary skills that students must possess if they are to understand and know to be college and career ready. According to Daggett and Gendron (2010), Key features of CCS include:

  • Aligned with college and work expectations
  • Rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills
  • Prepares all students to succeed in the global economy and society.

To address the Common Core Standards, The Transitions Curriculum emphasizes integration of core academic standards while infusing relevant activities encouraging students to understand and apply academic learning to real-world situations. Lessons in The Transitions Curriculum are structured around Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order thinking skills to increase reasoning, decision-making, problem solving, and creativity. For example, students will use skills from “Reading for Information-Standard 10” and “Statistics & Probability-Interpreting Data-Standard A-4,” to analyze information about educational requirements, number of available positions, and salary levels of various occupations over the next ten years.

In addition, The Transitions Curriculum is aligned with CCS by supporting college and work expectations with numerous lessons to prepare students for college and career. In Volume 1: Personal Management, students complete career assessments, research and determine a career goal, and prepare for college or training. Students go deeper in Volume 1 by exercising self-determination skills as they prepare and leading their own “Transition Meeting.” At the meeting they will commit to a career goal and develop a detailed plan to accomplish that goal.

Finally, The Transitions Curriculum supports CCS by preparing students to succeed in the global economy. One example, Lesson 17 in Volume 3, involves students in problem solving related to developing and analyzing a complex budget.

The intent of CCS, to prepare students for college, career, and the global economy through increased higher order thinking is supported and implemented through The Transitions Curriculum.


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