Alcohol: Why It’s Not an Excuse

I had originally planned to focus my sexuality blog this month where I left off, with Part 2 of my continuing piece on sexual consensus. However, the recent alarming events at Steubenville High School reminded me of how far there is to go in order to teach this topic. If we cannot expect high-achieving, smart young men to respect boundaries, how can we teach those with intellectual challenges to do the same? Unfortunately, what happened in Steubenville happens all over the country on high school and colleges campuses every weekend.

When speaking with college students about rape I have routinely distributed the following flyer that I want to share with you today. It generally stimulates a lively conversation that often starts with “it’s not fair”…Maybe it isn’t, but clearly that’s not the point. It’s true that it focuses on only one side of the problem, but it is a good starting point for a discussion of stopping rape, as well as the excuses and the mind set that perpetuates it. So here it is; please give us feedback about how you’ve used it with your students, your friends, and your sons.

Men Can Stop Rape Poster


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