What’s Happening Here? Revealed!

This image was taken from one of our First Job Survival Skills programs called “Workplace Manners”. Workplace Manners is the 2nd module in the series, Surviving the First 90 Days.  As you can probably tell, this man is invading the personal space of one of his co-workers, making her visibly uncomfortable.

When it comes to coworkers, standing too close, touching too often, and general roughhousing can be serious deal breakers! If you act this way, your co-workers will most likely avoid you, not want to help you when you need help, and may even report you to the boss.  In turn, the boss will assume you are emotionally unstable or immature. Therefore, it is important when interacting with co-workers to keep an appropriate physical distance and to use a reserved tone of voice. Don’t end up like this guy!

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