What’s Happening Here? Revealed!

This image was taken from one of our First Job Survival Skills programs called Getting your Foot in the Door which teaches students the DO’s and DON’T’s of behavior during a job interview. This module is the 6th module in the series, Surviving the First 90 Days.

We are all for confidence, which this man clearly exhibits, but he is not portraying his confidence in the right way. His dress is too casual and inappropriate for a job interview, his resume is a crumpled mess and his body language communicates that he is ready to watch a football game in his living room, not answer questions about his work performance. Would you hire this guy?

When going on an interview, it is best to wear clean, appropriate, professional attire, make sure your paperwork in neat, and keep your body language and demeanor respectful.

Thank you for participating in “What’s Happening Here? “Look out for a new image on Monday!



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