5-Year-Old Wastes Entire Carousel Ride Waving to Dad

From time to time we post articles from The Onion, simply because they made us laugh and that made us feel better. Why? Because laughter has the power to make us happy by releasing endorphins, or neurotransmitters which are responsible for feelings of euphoria. Include humor with instruction and student attention and recall will improve, as well as, participation in the discussion that follows it. To paraphrase Victor Borge, Laughter is the shortest distance between a teacher and a student. Good to know!

We like the following anecdote because, besides being entertaining, it also touches on the concept of  mindfulness or”living in the moment”. This is something we should all do a little more of and should encourage our children to do as well. Enjoy!

COLUMBUS, OH—Local 5-year-old Kimberly Hanson confirmed Sunday she regrets having spent the entirety of a recent carousel ride waving to her nearby father instead of taking in the full range of sights and sounds offered by the amusement park ride. “There I was on this huge merry-go-round, riding a beautiful purple horse as lights sparkled and happy music played, but when I saw my dad, I just couldn’t stop waving,” said the kindergartner, telling reporters she “completely missed” the carousel’s scenic 360-degree view of the state fairgrounds. “I should have just let myself enjoy the moment. Now I’ll never have an opportunity like that again.” At press time, sources confirmed a weeping Hanson appeared adequately placated by various fried foods on sticks.

Source: http://www.theonion.com/articles/5yearold-feels-like-she-just-wasted-whole-carousel,30335/


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