New Technique for Improving Literacy in Preschoolers


It has been known for a while that sharing stories with children at an early age is critical in developing their reading skills. Recently, it has been suggested that the way parents and teachers act during story time has an effect on how well kids develop these skills. A new study has shown that children in preschool focus on the actual words of a story only 5-6 percent of the time. Typically, younger children look at the illustrations or the person reading the book. Therefore, they are not aware of the mechanics of reading.  Looking at the words on a page as it is being read helps children understand the process of reading better, which in turn helps to cultivate their ability to read and comprehend text. In her study , Ohio State professor Shayne Piasta found that the literacy of preschoolers improved when teachers consistently pointed to the text of stories as they were read aloud.


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