Anger Management for Kids

Kids in upper elementary/middle school grades need a lot of coping skills. Being faced with disrespect, peer pressure to engage in negative activities, coping with failure and its resulting frustration, and social rejection are tests these kids face on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Many respond to these pressures with anger and acting out. The James Stanfield Company features a special edition of their number-one conflict management program, BeCool, for these specific issues.

The BeCool “Losing It!” program contains four videos, each of which focuses on specific stressors. Each video contains vignettes that contemporary kids can strongly relate to. Instead of “losing it,” the “heroes” of each piece–both boys and girls–talk themselves out of knee-jerk, potentially dangerous reactions.

Module one focuses on Disrespect, as Billy finds himself the target of two spit-wad practicing bullies. Module two finds Charlie dealing with demands from popular kids to help them cheat on their homework, and in the second half, Morganne responds to pressure to drink alcohol. Module three witnesses Evan dealing with the ramifications of overstating his abilities as a pool player. Module four follows Mindy as she finds herself rejected by a girlfriend and, as a result, believes herself to be completely unlikable.

In every scenario, viewers watch firsthand as each of these individuals are tempted into negative self-talk that would result in undesirable consequences, but instead use positive and rational self-talk. The result is kids who are able to keep their perspective, maintain self control and self respect.

All vignettes demonstrate the difference between encountering a situation they can handle versus creating one that they can’t.

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