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Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with instructions? Now it does. The James Stanfield Publishing Company, creator of the number-one selling programs in the country for conflict management, proudly presents our “LifeSmart Series.” The LifeSmart series is a virtual encyclopedia of how to get and keep a job, how to build friendship and relationship skills, how to behave on a date, how to manage money, and how to practice “safety first” on the job, at home, and in the world.

The entire LifeSmart series contains over 37 videotapes, 10 teacher’s guides, hundreds of daily living skills activities, and hours of instruction that can help your students emerge from your classroom into the real world armed with the tools needed to succeed. The LifeSmart video curriculum contains five special sections: JobSmart, PeopleSmart, DateSmart, MoneySmart and SafetySmart. Supplemental programs also include the First Job Survival series, Working 1, Working 2, and Making It, which underscores the importance of effort and making positive first impressions.

Other curriculum include our First Impressions series, which helps teach young adults the importance of grooming (special tapes for both men and women), the impact that clothing has upon strangers and employers, and basic lessons on the importance of having the right attitude. Our Living With Others library is another immensely popular series that reinforces basic lessons on minding one’s manners, how to simply “be” with people, and elemental skills for having one’s own home and being a good roommate.

Knowing that people often learn best when they’re laughing, our LifeSmart curriculum features heavy doses of humor. Our videos feature the finest comedic improv actors available, which helps make learning wince-worthy lessons less threatening.

If you’d like to receive a catalog or speak to one of our highly trained staff, call 1-800-421-6534 or email maindesk@www.stanfield.com.

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