Activities for Children With Special Needs

All kids have to learn how to “play well with others.” Even the most socially aware child will encounter a hurdle or two. For parents and teachers of children with special needs, ordinary “bumps in the road” to healthy societal acceptance can seem like insurmountable obstacles.

The James Stanfield Company recognizes this, and in an effort to give all children a fighting chance to operate comfortably within social situations, has created the nation’s number-one library of research-based behavior management programs. The entire Stanfield collection is designed to give even the most socially challenged child the tools that can make life–be it in pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, high school and beyond–a little more manageable.

Our BeCool VideoModeling® conflict management programs, for instance, concentrate on helping individuals cope with teasing, bullying, and anger–both the anger of others directed at them and their own. We use humor, and lots of it, knowing that studies prove people learn best when they’re laughing. Stanfield BeCool programs include videos, parent/teacher guides, and–in many cases–interactive CDs with multiple games that give kids the chance to practice the “BeCool” mindset in a variety of real-world scenarios.

The BeCool VideoModeling® programs teach how to recognize and identify feelings and how to respond to them in positive, emotionally healthy, and self-loving ways. The results are better social skills, a higher sense of personal self-esteem, and a more emotionally intelligent mindset.

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