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For students on the verge of making the transition from school to work, Stanfield created the First Job Survival Skills Series. Featuring the Stanfield Comedy Players, Program 2, entitled “Character, Attitude and Moving Up” focuses on teaching students the 11 must-have attributes 2,500 employers listed as being critical for employ-ability and advancement. Delivered through comedic vignettes that allow students to learn hard truths without feeling their bite, these six modules focus on helping youth understand what it’s going to take to make it in the marketplace.

The Big 11, in ranked order, are

1) trustworthiness,

2) cooperativeness/ability to be a team player,

3) presenting an appropriate appearance,

4) have active listening skills,

5) demonstrate appropriate behavior,

6) is responsible/perseveres,

7) has self-esteem,

8 ) is customer friendly,

9) works with diversity (tolerant),

10) uses appropriate language and

11) self-manages.

Our six-module series, containing 6 DVDs, will illustrate the importance of all these behaviors to your students and show them the right ways to demonstrate to employers that they have them all.

The techniques used in the First Job Survival Skills are SCANS based. The fundamental purpose of SCANS (the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) is to create high-skill, high-wage employment opportunities for all students. We worked closely with the SCANS models to optimize the employ-ability quotient of all students–developmentally disabled and otherwise.

Stanfield is the country’s leading publisher of behavior management, social skills and special education teaching materials.

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For more information on the First Job Survival Skills series, click here.

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