Bullying Prevention Programs

All Stanfield BeCool programs feature our unique four-step plan, which helps kids respond assertively to all forms of bullying. Bullying can occur as verbal abuse, physical violence and gender harassment. Our four-step plan is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use.

Most kids automatically respond to bullies either hotly or coldly. “Hot” behaviors include showing one’s anger and blowing up. “Cold” responses are typified by pleading or giving up. In most cases, both of these approaches only make matters worse.

Instead, our bullying prevention programs give kids multiple tools for remaining cool and in control of a wide variety of bullying situations. They learn how to recognize dangerous bullies in advance–and how to avoid “bully me” behaviors. Utilizing these skills translates into higher self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control.

In the bullying modules of the BeCool series, a variety of scenarios are presented, and kids can watch the results of all the different methodologies. Through our use of “video modeling,” a concept pioneered by Dr. James Stanfield, viewers see not only the recommended courses of action, but also what can happen when kids respond with knee-jerk hot and cold reactions. Included with the videos are tapes specifically for use by parents and teachers, as well as a teacher’s guide.

If you’d like to receive a catalog or speak to one of our highly trained staff, call 1-800-421-6534 or email maindesk@www.stanfield.com.

For more information on the BeCool series, click here.

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