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One of the greatest gifts a parent or educator can give to a developmentally disabled person is a “toolbox” for dealing with his or her own emotions. The ability to respond to emotional stimuli neither as an aggressor nor as a victim, but rather as a “cool, in-control being” can have positive, life-long consequences. The James Stanfield Company has created the nation’s number-one conflict management video-teaching series. Entitled “BeCool,” these videos have proven efficacy in reducing student suspensions, time-out citations and bullying.

These videos teach the positive and negative consequences of the two common, knee-jerk responses to conflict: being “hot” and blowing up, and being “cold” and giving up. Common scenarios are presented in which individuals are teased, bullied, criticized or confronted with anger. Each vignette features our hero or heroine first responding to the situation “hotly,” then “coldly,” and finally, “coolly”–with calm, self-controlled assertiveness.

The BeCool series is statistically proven to have dramatic impact on how kids and young adults deal with conflict and adversity. Multiple studies conducted by the Texas Women’s University, the Nevada Department of Education, and independent researchers has shown that following the broadcast of the BeCool series, student suspensions dropped by 50 percent, the need for time-outs dropped by 66 percent, and student reports of bullying dropped by an astounding 300 percent.

The effectiveness of the Stanfield BeCool programs was profiled in Time magazine in a feature entitled, “Bullies Beware,” and we are constantly receiving positive feedback from educators regarding the value of this series. BeCool is available for a variety of age and developmental levels.

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