The Nation’s Best Video Modeling Curriculums For Special Education

Video Modeling From The Specialists In Special Education

The James Stanfield Publishing Company offers the nation’s best video modeling curriculum for special education. We are specialists in both special education and school-to-life transitions. We feature over 60 research-based programs that deliver real-world solutions to real-world problems to kids ranging in age from pre-school to early adulthood.

From elemental basics like personal hygiene, to complex emotional anger management and conflict resolution skills for children and young adults, to family life programs for the severely developmentally disabled, The James Stanfield Publishing Company delivers tools to parents and educators that their children and students can use on a day-in, day-out basis. Our video modeling products have been featured in the pages of Time magazine, and we have won numerous awards from sources as divergent as leading national educator’s groups and prestigious film festivals. When it comes to special education video modeling programs, Stanfield products are the industry’s gold standard.

Though we are certainly pleased with our accolades, what motivates us most is the proven efficacy of our video modeling programs. We use humor, down-to-earth language, and clear-as-crystal examples of behavior techniques and coping mechanisms. We illustrate points with humor and demonstrate behaviors that work–and even more importantly to many–those that don’t.

Stanfield VideoModeling® programs are specifically targeted to specific age groups and to specific learning capabilities. For example, programs for severely developmentally disabled students feature repetition and clearly recognizable icons to cue appropriate versus inappropriate behaviors.

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