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In many cases, conflicts between people are the result of hurt feelings or an impression that another doesn’t respect them. Basic social skills–all of which are ultimately based on showing consideration for others–can many times be the only conflict resolution skills required. By teaching individuals how to deal thoughtfully with one another, many conflicts can be avoided altogether. The James Stanfield Publishing Company series “Living With Others” helps students learn the skills required to enjoy better relationships with friends, roommates, neighbors, and employers.

This multi-volume library includes 18 videos that can help even the most socially challenged individuals. Three critical areas of behavior are addressed: “Mind Your Manners,” “Being with People,” and “Home of Your Own.”

In the Mind Your Manners section (three DVDs) attention is paid to understanding and employing good manners. In addition to addressing the difference between manners appropriate for relatives and friends versus those with neighbors and employers, students also learn key skills for showing respect for strangers, giving and receiving compliments, starting conversations, how to be gracious when playing games, when and how to shake hands, and more.

In the Being with People section (eight videotapes) students are shown time-honored, basic social graces that make studying, working and living with others more pleasant. Students are shown what “active listening” is and how to employ it, how to respect other’s privacy, how to apologize, how to show appreciation, and more. In the third installment of the series, “Home of Your Own,” kids learn immeasurably valuable insights for living with others.

Though the Living with Others library is excellent for every student, these videos were specifically designed by the Ohio State University Nisonger Center for persons with developmental disabilities. The results have been proven effective in multiple studies.

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