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The Stanfield BeCool series is the number-one conflict management program in the United States. Available for kids as early as kindergarten and lower elementary, these programs demonstrate clearly how to deal with adversity by using easy-to-understand, easy-to-use tools for self control. Our Lower Elementary series features colorful, kid-friendly “cool cat” Chester and his group of real-life friends dealing with a number of common daily stressors, including criticism, teasing, bullying, and anger–both that of others, and of one’s self.

Praised by educators and parents, the BeCool series shows how knee-jerk responses to common conflicts–like being “hot” and blowing up, or being “cold” and giving up–don’t work. Instead, kids learn the tools to maintaining a “cool” self control and positive assertiveness. They see the negative consequences of both over-aggressive and victim-like behaviors and witness the positive outcome when kids their own age handle situations using “BeCool” strategies.

Our award-winning series for lower grades includes five modules: Coping with Criticism, Coping with Teasing, Coping with Bullying, and the two-part Coping with Anger. In our Criticism module, kids see how to deal with both unfair and fair criticism; our Teasing module helps kids recognize friendly versus unkind teasing and witness firsthand how responding coolly can stop teasing in its tracks. Coping with Bullying, the third in the series, shows kids our easy-to-use four-step Assertion Plan to cope with peer pressure. And in our two-part Coping with Anger modules, kids learn to handle anger and frustration in healthy, self-esteem building ways.

Find out for yourself why the Stanfield Lower Elementary BeCool Series is widely recognized as the most effective conflict management program in the country.

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