Anti-Bullying Programs

Dealing with bullying is a hard thing for any child. For the developmentally disabled individual, regardless of age, it can make even the most ordinary daily activity a living nightmare. Being a victim of bullying often leads to severe distress, dramatically lowered self-esteem, and in cruel yet often common circumstances, to actual physical injury. Making these situations even more emotionally painful is that often special needs children don’t automatically possess the ability to recognize bullies before they begin their torment.

The Stanfield BeCool series for high school students with special needs can – and does – help. These videos feature fellow peers coping with bullies in positive ways. Students witness via clear video models how they can recognize dangerous bullies and how to respond in empowering ways.

The BeCoolseries for high school students with special needs is filled with practical, useful, and reproducible examples that can help make every student more bully-proof. They’ll be shown three specific examples of ways to handle a number of potentially volatile situations, all of which will leave them with their dignity and self-esteem intact. Further, they can learn “anti-victim” strategies, learn to recognize the signs of when to ignore bullies and when to calmly but assertively take steps to protect themselves, and finally how and when to get assistance.

This special series includes a module dedicated to Coping with Bullying, as well as videos on how to cope with teasing, anger, and criticism. Kits include follow-up activities as well, which can reinforce and refine their skills.

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For more information on the BeCool series for high school students, click here.

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