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One of the keys to the success of the Stanfield library of anger management videos is the background of our founder. Within the wide world of anger management/violence prevention programs, our company is unique in that our president is the only one in the field with a doctorate in education–and who has hands-on experience working with children and students with special needs. Dr. James Stanfield, Ed.D. is not only a respected professor of special education, but also has extensive experience teaching the developmentally disabled in classroom settings.

Dr. Stanfield himself created our “VideoModeling©” concept, which shows both the right and wrong way to handle situations. Kids learn by watching “correct behavior” – and see the sometimes disastrous consequences that result from “negative behavior,” too. Plus, taking a cue from multiple studies that have proven that humans retain information better when it’s conveyed via humor, by keeping them laughing, we keep them learning.

Our videos also look different than most others on the market. That’s because we do not scrimp on production values. We hire the most talented actors, the best animators, the smartest script writers, the most skilled cameramen, the most acclaimed editors, and the most cutting-edge post production facilities found anywhere. We know that today, if a student can’t respect the medium, he won’t respect the message. Our BeCool edition for high school students with special needs was not only submitted to the New York Film Festival, it was a winner within its category.

But the biggest reason we are the most trusted and popular source of anger management videos is because our products work. Kids pay attention, laugh, and learn skills they can – and do – use, day in, day out, for the rest of their lives.

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For more information on the BeCool series, click here.

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