Anger Management Lessons

It’s a difficult time to be a kid. Kids want to be liked. They want to succeed. They are faced with more pressures than any generation in history regarding drug and alcohol abuse and intimate relationships. Hormones are raging, tempers are high, and violence as an answer is exalted in contemporary media like never before. Kids need real solutions to their very real problems.

The James Stanfield Publishing Company understands this and is proud to be recognized as the publisher of the nation’s number-one conflict management program for kids. These are not the slide presentations you remember from social studies classes, where “troubled kids” were the ones with divorced parents and the “heroes” of the piece were 1950s versions of Horatio Alger. The BeCool program, and specifically the “Losing It!” series, focus on real problems with which real kids can identify.

Every kid who has been the target of school bullying has rich fantasies of getting even. However, the recent school shootings in the United States demonstrates clearly what happens when the desire to retaliate against perceived cruel behavior gets out of hand. The Losing It! series doesn’t tiptoe around this issue.

These programs teach kids to look objectively at problems and use positive, rational, and most of all self-esteem building self-talk. They learn to recognize the difference between a “problem I can handle” and “creating one I can’t.” The powerful material in the Losing It! series for middle school children creates thoughtful discussion among kids and leads many of them to real, measurable changes in interpersonal communication.

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