Anger Managemenet Programs

The James Stanfield Publishing Company’s BeCool video series is the number-one most popular anger management program used in the United States. Ranked as “the best” by parents, educators, and independent researchers, these programs are targeted to both specific age groups and segments of the developmentally disabled. Independent testing done by a wide variety of organizations, including Texas Women’s University and the Nevada Department of Education, found that student citations for anger-related issues dropped in some cases by as much as 300 percent following the implementation of the BeCool programs into classroom curriculum.

The BeCool series concentrates on teaching kids to recognize situations they can handle versus creating ones they can’t–via acting out, retaliation, and knee-jerk emotional reactions. Using proven techniques that help kids practice positive, rational “self-talk,” viewers learn not to be “hot” and blow up, nor “cold” and give up, but rather to be cool, assertive, and in control.

The videos are produced using a combination of animation and live-action, depending on the age/developmental level of the audience. Scenarios are true to life and feature common everyday occurrences on playgrounds, in classrooms, and at home. Viewers watch how the “heroes” of each vignette respond in the different ways and see for themselves how situations can turn out depending on the conflict resolution style.

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