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People don’t learn conflict management techniques by osmosis. They must be specifically taught. At the James Stanfield Publishing Company, we have created the #1 conflict management video library in the country. Praised by teachers, counselors, and educators, our videos are the best selling of their kind for one simple reason: they work.

Our BeCool: Give and Take–Negotiate series clues kids in to proven negotiation techniques that allow them to settle disputes with self-confidence, self-esteem and dignity. Kids are shown how and why “solutions” like demands, threats, intimidation and emotional blackmail don’t work. Instead, they’re given clear-as-crystal methodologies for mature solutions for common problems.

Kids will see through repeated demonstration how to make “W.I.S.E.” arguments. In this case, W stands for “Wins benefits for both sides;” I for “Incorporates a standard of fairness;” S for “Settles disputes without becoming personal;” and E for “Encourages future cooperation.” Not only useful among their peers, these proven negotiation techniques will serve them well with parents, teachers, future employers and other figures of authority.

One of the greatest byproducts of this program is that it requires kids to think about what’s fair not only to themselves, but to the other parties involved. After all, people whose needs and desires are being acknowledged are more willing to compromise than those who feel their issues are ignored. As a result, this kind of thinking builds empathy, which, in addition to making negotiation easier, also builds personal relationships.

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