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Video modeling is a concept in behavior management pioneered by Dr. James Stanfield, president of Stanfield publishing. With video modeling, viewers watch not only the “right” behaviors, but also the “wrong” ones. Seeing the calamitous results of some responses helps to reinforce the importance of behaving in the “right way” to defuse bullies in their tracks.

The Stanfield videos on bully prevention are considered the gold standard of the industry. Praised by educators, counselors and parents, our bully videos talk to kids frankly and honestly about problems they experience every day at school, at work, on the playground and in public. We show situations that kids can relate to, things which occur with regularity in their lives. Verbal abuse, the threat of potential violence, peer pressure to cheat on homework and engage in drug and alcohol abuse, and gender harassment are just a few of the forms of bullying that go on in a normal day at a 21st century school.

Of course, the biggest reason that educators and others have made our products the most popular in the industry is the results they deliver. Able to identify with the scenarios, kids pay attention. Thanks to the video modeling concept, kids learn tricks to dealing with these situations “the easy way” vs. “the hard way.” In other words, watching others succeed – and fail – on video helps them succeed when faced with the real thing.

We deliver tried and true solutions that are easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use. They learn the three ways most people respond to conflict (two are wrong, one is right) and simple four-step solutions to handling adversity. The result is kids with higher self-confidence, higher-self esteem, and a greater sense of personal dignity.

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