Bullying in Schools

The Stanfield BeCool series is the nation’s number-one anti-bullying program used in the United States. Every stage of the BeCool programs, from the kindergarten series through the high school editions, places special emphasis on coping with bullying from others. Further, the techniques for coping with criticism, rejection, and anger help keep kids from becoming bullies themselves.

BeCool programs are unique in multiple ways. First, we’ve taken a cue from multiple studies that prove humans learn best when points are made with humor. Therefore, the majority of the Stanfield programs illustrate points in ways that result in laughter–and learning.

Secondly, our company’s president, Dr. James Stanfield, is the only company president in the industry with a doctorate in special education and hands-on classroom experience with special needs children. Finally, unlike similar programs, every edition within the Stanfield video library is made using only the highest production values. We don’t scrimp on scripts, actors, lighting or anything else. In today’s visual-media driven world, we know that kids won’t pay attention to a message delivered by a medium they can’t respect.

The Stanfield video library teaches through video modeling, a concept created by Dr. Stanfield. Video modeling shows kids both the right and wrong ways to respond to conflict and demonstrates the different outcomes resulting from different behaviors. Kids are repeatedly taught how being “hot” and blowing up and being “cold” and giving up does not help them avoid bullying. Instead, kids are shown that being “cool,” or assertive and in control, leads to manageable relationships and higher self esteem.

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