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Adolescence is a time for learning about boundaries–their own and those of others–particularly of those in authority. If a child has seen that demands, intimidation, threats and insolence work for adults, or has witnessed that behavior extensively on television, by the time they’re in seventh or eighth grade, chances are they’re going to start emulating it themselves. For many, it’s not that they choose these strategies over others, it’s that they haven’t been educated about any superior communication techniques.

The James Stanfield Publishing Company is pleased to offer parents, counselors and educators a special BeCool program entitled “BeCool–Give and Take – Negotiate.” These videos show the benefits of using calm, assertive negotiation skills. This four-part series includes sections devoted to Give and Take vs. Demands, Coping with Intimidation, Give and Take vs. Threats, and Coping with Insolence. Using the same methodologies as our other BeCool video models, kids see the negative results of being “hot” (insolent, demanding) and being “cold” (whiny, pleading), and the positive outcome when proven “cool” negotiation techniques are used instead.

In the first tape, kids are introduced to the concept of win-win negotiation, which is fair to all parties involved. In the second, the concept of bringing in a mediator is introduced. This tape also explores the negative results of using emotional blackmail. In the third and fourth tapes, larger authority figures are brought into the mix, and kids are given tips for fair negotiation with parents, teachers, and employers.

This special “Give and Take” program teaches valuable skills that individuals can use, not only in middle and high-school years, but throughout their adult lives as well.

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