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The grade school years are about more than simply learning the “three Rs.” They’re also filled with lessons for getting along well with people we like and dealing with people we don’t. Coping skills for handling bullying, criticism, teasing and anger not only help adolescents positively confront problems faced through graduation, but those met daily through adult life as well.

The James Stanfield Publishing Company library teaches coping skills to people of all ages and cognitive abilities. Our BeCool series specifically targets handling the most difficult people and situations we all face. Being made to feel foolish or left out – or being made to feel bad for being “different” – are situations all of us have felt at one time or another. Students deal with these situations on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

Our programs are different from the majority of our competition. For one thing, our founder, Dr. James Stanfield, is the only company president in the field with a doctoral degree in special education and extensive hands-on classroom experience. Secondly, our programs concentrate on video modeling, which demonstrates not only the “right” ways to handle situations, but also the “wrong” ones. Viewers see how reacting over-aggressively or over-passively can get them nowhere. Using real-life scenarios featuring common situations that students face daily, students witness different outcomes based on the specific reactions of the central players.

The BeCool series is available for specific grades, ranging from kindergarten through high school. Special editions are available for students with cognitive disabilities.

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