Conflict Resolution Techniques

The James Stanfield Publishing Company library features the “gold standard” of conflict resolution techniques for children and young adults. Our collection of tapes for individuals with special needs are no different. Designed with appropriate pacing and repetition, our videos are presented in a “high-interest” format that holds the attention of the viewer.

Our videos feature state-of-the-art production qualities. In today’s rich visual-media landscape, students of all ages and developmental abilities can recognize quality in an instant. Stanfield spares no expense when it comes to creating our video models for conflict resolution. As evidence of the quality of our work, we are honored to report that our BeCool High School-Special Needs “Coping With Difficult People” series received winning honors at the New York Film Festival.

Further, our techniques are proven effective. A wide range of noteworthy academic institutions (the Nevada Department of Education, among them) have published multiple reports as to the measurable results in student behaviors after active viewing of the Stanfield conflict resolution library. Through the use of video modeling, students of all ages and cognitive abilities witness firsthand how “hot” and “cold” reactions get them nowhere. Conversely, they discover that by acting “coolly”–assertively but in control–they maintain their self-respect, increase their self-confidence, and enjoy improved social relations.

Our BeCool series has been designed by the most prestigious names in Special Education and positive behavior modification. Most segments include not only multiple videotapes, but also teacher/parent tapes, teacher’s guides, and proven effective follow-up activities to cement new behaviors.

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