Conflict Resolution Strategies

The Stanfield BeCool series for high school students with special needs features proven conflict resolution strategies that can help kids deal with criticism. Criticism has the potential to create resentment, feelings of being misunderstood, and social withdrawal. Understanding how to handle criticism in a proactive, positive way can help kids not only learn how to respond to criticism, but also use it as an effective tool for learning and self-improvement.

Our Coping with Criticism module teaches students how to define criticism, separate valid versus invalid criticism, and how to respond to each in appropriate ways. Students are taught how to transform vague criticism into specific issues that can be addressed. Further, they learn that in many cases, criticism can be a path to improved performance at school, at home, or on the job.

Our BeCool Criticism module shows real people in real-life situations to which kids can relate. Using video modeling, they see the right and wrong ways to respond to criticism. They’ll see how a “bad beginning” in their first response to criticism–via either a “hot” or “cold” reaction–only undermines their image in the eyes of others. Students are then shown a number of “cool” responses, which result in more positive outcomes for everyone involved.

The Stanfield BeCool Criticism module contains four videotapes, as well as a teacher/parent tape and a teacher’s guide. Also included are multiple activities for students that help cement the successful techniques in their minds.

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