Conflict Resolution for Teens

Coping with difficult situations is challenging for anyone, but particularly so for teenagers and adults with special needs. The James Stanfield Publishing Company library of life-skills videotapes can help. Our programs are specifically targeted to appeal to, hold the interest of, and be truly effective teaching tools for special needs individuals. Our BeCool High School (Special Needs) Coping with Difficult People series includes 14 videotapes that can help your students deal positively and pro-actively with anger, bullying, criticism and teasing.

The Teasing set contains useful information that helps students understand why people tease and recognize the difference between friendly teasing from cruel teasing. Methods are also taught that can help teens learn conflict resolution. Students learn by watching exactly how to handle each form of teasing. Also, multiple solutions for coping in specific situations are demonstrated.

In our Anger module, in addition to valuable skills for handling the anger of others, students are presented with the concept of fair versus unfair anger. Viewers will see that sometimes anger is justified, and learn appropriate ways for diffusing it. Further, they’re taught the valuable skill of recognizing dangerous anger–particularly when alcohol or drugs may be involved–and how and when to recognize when to get help from others.

In our criticism segment, students again are introduced to the concept of fair versus unfair criticism and the appropriate ways to respond positively to each. In our bullying segment, in addition to being taught how to deal with bullying, viewers are shown proven “anti-victim” strategies that can cut bullying off at the pass.

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