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Students with special needs can often feel frustrated in a world that is filled with things they can’t control. However, helping them realize that they can control the image they project to the world often helps special education students feel more in control and enjoy higher self-confidence and self-esteem. To this end, the James Stanfield Publishing Company, creators of multiple special education resources, presents “First Impressions.

The First Impressions series helps your students understand the basis upon which people make judgments of others in terms of their character, personality, values and more within the first few seconds of meeting them. Understanding the elements of what makes a positive impression and what makes a negative impression can help students enjoy better chances of getting a job, making friends, and getting a date with someone they like.

Far from preachy, the First Impressions series relies heavily upon making points with humor. This series features the talents of our Stanfield Comedy Players, who keep students laughing even as they’re learning about the four key elements to making a good impression.

The First Impressions series clearly demonstrates how to and how not to go about making positive first impressions. Emphasis is on four areas: hygiene, grooming, dress and attitude. They’ll learn that making just one mistake in any of these areas can mean the difference between getting a chance to prove themselves and getting shown the door.

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For more information on the First Impressions series, click here.

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