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The Stanfield “First Job Survival Skills” series helps students leave your classroom and enter the workforce with the skills they need to get and keep a job. This library features three complete volumes, each of which contain between five and six dedicated “modules.” Program One is dedicated to help students survive the first 90 days of a new job. It includes six modules and covers the basics, including the definition of a “positive work ethic,” how to conduct oneself in the job interview, workplace manners and boundaries, learning and doing the job, the negative results of whining and weak excuses, and the importance of honesty on the job.

Program Two concentrates on character, attitude and moving up. Module one focuses on trustworthiness and tolerance of others. Module two emphasizes cooperation and initiative. Module three concentrates on maintaining a good appearance and avoiding bad job practices like gossiping and using bad language. Module four is dedicated in its entirety to customer service. Module five teaches active listening skills, and module six reinforces concepts of responsibility and follow-through.

Program Three takes students out of the fantasy world that their boss will treat them like mommy, daddy, and other admirers would. The titles of each of the five modules say it all: “The Man Who Mistook His Boss For A Mommy,” “The Man Who Mistook His Boss For A Homeboy,” “The Woman Who Mistook Her Boss For An Admirer,” “The Man Who Mistook His Boss For A Promoter,” and “The Woman Who Mistook Her Workplace For A Party.”

To ensure these lessons are embraced and non-threatening, all of the First Job Survival Skills videos feature the talents of the Stanfield Comedy Players. Your students will laugh as the message is delivered. Popular with teachers, counselors, parents, and students, Stanfield videos are considered the gold standard of the industry.

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