Developmentally Disabled Programs

To young adults, the world can seem like a frightening place full of judgment and rejection. To the developmentally disabled young adult, this feeling may be experienced ten-fold. For a population that often feels like they have even more to prove than their peers, learning the elemental basics of what creates a positive first impression is much more than just a way to pass an hour in social skills class; it can be a lifeline.

The James Stanfield Publishing Company presents educators, counselors, teachers and parents with our First Impressions series. This video library contains 12 videos that teach students the four elements of making a positive first impression: hygiene, grooming, dress, and attitude.

Module One focuses on the different hygienic needs for men and women. Via clear step-by-step instruction, students learn how to take the perfect five-minute shower, the importance of hand-washing to control the spread of disease, good bathroom hygiene – including proper menstrual hygiene – and how to conduct genital and breast exams.

Follow up “chapters” include tips on grooming for men and women, how to demonstrate pride in appearance, and the basics of appropriate dress. The final module on attitude details the realities of how others judge our attitude: via body language, tone of voice, use of good manners, a humble demeanor, and more.

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